Winnie Biscet

What does one say to the daughter of a man who is languishing in a prison cell simply because of his beliefs?


Winnie Biscet, daughter of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, at the May 21st Cuba Solidarity Day event at the White House.
All I could muster was that I and this blog were at her disposal and that we would do whatever asked or needed to one day see her reunited with her father.

6 thoughts on “Winnie Biscet”

  1. Very sweet.
    Ahh, the Red Room – I nearly knocked a piece of statuary over in that room once a few years back. Spent the rest of the afternoon just as red as the paint on the walls. LOL

  2. It’s true Val, what could you say? It is so ridiculous, Dr. Biscet has not committed any crimes and he is in jail, that tells it all. What other evidence does one need to prove there is no liberty in Cuba? It’s just a plain old ruthless communist dictatorship! Great job!

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