Nightmare on Eighth Street, Part 73

“Just when I thought that I was done they pull me back in!” –Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III

Well. I wanted to give the blogosphere a break for good. My workload was getting out of control, I had precious little time to read and post like I wanted to, and a myriad of other events in my family’s life were taking more and more of my time. When I resigned in February, I was taken aback by Val’s reaction. He was really, really pissed off at me. But I stuck to my guns and told him I had to do it. I made plans to have a normal existence without the daily requirements of blogging.
But I blogged a little on my Universal Spectator site and noticed I was opining and linking again. Henry asked me to join Cuban-American Pundits (Thanks, Henry) and Jose Reyes invited me to write short essays on Cubanology (Thanks, Jose). So I was back and hadn’t even noticed. Blogging is a little like smoking cigarettes: it’s bad for you, it’s terribly addictive, and it’s hard to stop cold turkey. As you may have noticed, my name is back on the masthead (Thanks, Val) and I’ll be back to writing more or less regularly on Babalu again.
This is home, you know. Regardless of whether we have our own blog or not, there are venues that matter and this one is one of those. We fight the good fight every day, showing the liars, malcontents, dialogueros, fellow travelers, and sundry other poor examples of the human race — did I mention liberals? — the door, trying to do the best we can to kick the tyranny that festers ninety miles away from us in the nuts.
I’ll do my part once again. And I’ll do it as nicely as I’ve always done it…

16 thoughts on “Nightmare on Eighth Street, Part 73”

  1. George, you were missed. Like I’ve said before, you have a way with words and many times you write exactly what I would want to say. Welcome home.

  2. Thanks to all of you. I’ll be getting my dander up soon and start the bloodletting…

  3. George,
    I can’t tell you recently how many times I’ve thought about hanging up blogging, for all the reasons you mentioned and more. One day, hell, I just might be able to pull it off.
    You’re right. Blogging is hard to give up. Perhaps it’s good to take a break every once in a while and come back recharged.
    Good to see you back, George. I noticed from the “preview” you gave us recently at my blog that the Pitbull is back in business!

  4. Thanks Robert. I hope you don’t mind my using your blog to take out the garbage every once-in-while.

  5. George, it hasn’t been the same without you, I’m very glad you are back, welcome home bro.

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