Freudian Slip?

Or the Congressional Comedy Hour?
If there were ever any doubt as to how far left Maxine Chavez. Er, Uh. Waters politics are, here’s a glimpse into the California Democratic Congresswoman’s unconscious …


“And guess what this Liberal would be all about? This Liberal would be all about socializing — er, uh. (Long Pause) …. would be about … (pause) … basically … taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

There you have it. I ‘ve seen this movie a few times.
She wants to Nationalize the Oil Companies a-la Chavez. But curiously she calls it “socializing.” Hmm

11 thoughts on “Freudian Slip?”

  1. There you have it, there should be no doubt now about their intentions. You said it Mambi, God help us.

  2. Gusano:
    Amazing Rept. Waters is now naked except for he Freudian slip
    Take care and be well

  3. I’ve stopped calling the American left wing “liberals,” “progressives,” or “Democrats,” and, instead, now call them what they are, socialists. A more accurate name for the current-day Democratic party would be the “American National Socialist Workers’ Party.” I’m tempted to leave out “National”, as they’re not patriotic, and “Worker”, as they’re not looking out for the average guy, but leave them in to maintain the historical parallel.

  4. Yeah, that’s it, let’s let Congress run the Oil Companies. They won’t have to drill for the stuff, they will merely SUBPOENA it. About as good as the lawsuit against OPEC – Like How Do You Get SERVICE of PROCESS on the King of Saudi, or Ayatollah Cockamamie?

  5. Classic.
    And to think she’s a member of the US Congress. Oy vay. She’s redder than Chavez.
    She and conyers are despicable.

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