3 thoughts on “More about Obama’s Miami Speech”

  1. Henry:
    Strange how Obama counts on Jimmy Carter’s support when it was Carter who “verified” Chavez’s “victory” in the recall election.
    Keep up the good work

  2. “In essence, with his flip-flopping on the embargo Obama is guilty of what he is preaching against, namely pandering. His innovative strategy is nothing more than a minor modification to an existing policy wrapped in grandiose rhetoric: libertad!”
    Heh. I wonder what the Obamaniacs will say about his “pandering”? Preciseley nothing.

  3. there goes Moneo again…with the politics of old…you know when politicians were supposed to at least pretend they stood for something and tell the voters what that was…i think it was a platform..it was soooo long ago. the “new” politics of the O man is never to question him so he doesn’t have to tell you any lies and you don’t have to judge the answers. it works for lots of folks these days.

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