raul castro, granter of cell phones and toaster ovens meets with Vatican Secretary of State
Cuban foreign minister perez roque meets with Mexico’s foreign minister Patricia Espinosa
Perez Roque with another Mexican Foreign Minister
Spanish foreign minister Moratinos with perez roque
Brazilian President Lula da Silva with raul the munificent
It can’t be said that countries haven’t tried to engage Cuba during the last several years. On the contrary, almost every country in the world has diplomatic relations with Cuba. The above is but a mere sampling of the gallery of shame.
Most western democracies disagree with the human rights abuses that continue in Cuba to this day yet they seem unwilling to take the castro brothers to task for them.
How will adding President Barack Obama to the gallery of appeasers change anything?
Are we to believe that Obama can convince raul to abandon 50 years of totalitarian rule and to for the first time tolerate political opposition?

3 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. Una Pregunta –
    What message would a free and resurgent CUBA send to certain other Latino nations?
    La Respuesta Quizas –
    There is a very talented New/Old Kid on the Block –
    Clean up your act(s) before CUBA cleans your clock and eats your lunch. Wouldn’t some nations prefer CUBA the way it is?

  2. A few more questions.
    My cousin’s four-year-old daughter suffers from recurring fevers. How does making it illegal for me to send my cousin Children’s Tylenol help overthrow castro? And when will the dictatorship finally be overthrown through this technique? I would like to let my niece know.
    How does keeping me from sending Glucophage to my diabetic aunt accomplish the goal of freeing Cuba?
    How does keeping me from sending my family money to put food on the table accomplish this administration’s goals vis a vis Cuba?
    Assuming I can send such “distant” relatives a cell phone under the new dispensation, how is sending them a cell phone going to accomplish anything? Also, as I understand it, it costs about $120 to activate the phone in Cuba, and $.90 per minute for air time. That money goes directly to castro, Inc. It does not circulate in the black market first. It is immediately absorved by the castro network. How is this a good idea? And, how is sending medicine and money for food not a good idea?
    Final question (for now), who was the genius who gave Bush the idea to so generously allow exiles to send cell phones over there? Someone should stand up and take the “credit” for such a wonderful idea.

  3. Really, you can’t send medicines to Cuba? Why is it that almost every pharmacy in Miami offers shipment of medicines to Cuba then?
    I’m calling bullshit on your sob stories because you CAN legally send medicine to Cuba.
    Also, you can send $300 every three months. Are you telling me you currently send $300 per quarter and would like to send more? I’m calling bullshit on that one too. But if you do need to send additional money try something called Antillas Express. They are in Canada and they’d be glad to handle your transaction on the web. Don’t tell me these restrictions are cramping your style. They are a very low hurdle.
    And lastly, I’m ambivalent about the cell phone announcement made by the white house. There is some benefit to having better communications in Cuba. People in the provinces don’t know anything about what’s happening in the cities and vice versa. But cell phones make great eavesdropping tools and homing devices for the regime.

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