Another pronouncement from the prince

Like manna from heaven, the edicts continue to make their way down from the throne of the great and munificent, prince raul. In his monarchy’s latest proclamation, the unsparing master of Cuba has reached deep down into his royal bag of munificence to bestow upon his loyal servants the promise of one—and only one—majestic currency.

“The [Cuban] government’s policy is to eliminate the dual currency, which to some extent hurts the country’s self-esteem, but we need a minimum quantity of monetary reserves for a normal exchange rate, prices and wages reform and greater economic efficiency,” he [the head of the Cuban parliament’s economic commission, Osvaldo Martinez] said.

In his boundless magnanimity, the prince assures his serfs that as soon as he and his royal court have sufficient treasure to ensure the security of the royal lineage, he will raise his regal hand and decree the end of the dual currency. In the meantime, the people of Cuba must wait patiently; there is only so much one prince can do—even one as munificent as raul.

6 thoughts on “Another pronouncement from the prince”

  1. If you have the stomach read this mornings granma. Cuba is thrilled by obama’s candidacy and his new give em what they want diplomacy. The buzz word for Cuba is “more remittances”. Maybe this will boost the treasury for the new currency.

  2. I’m so sick and tired of the MSM reporting on Raul’s “reforms,” which by the way aren’t even implemented: classic example was the rescinding of visas to leave Cuba.
    These “reforms” are always announced for the unforeclosed future, or are so unreachable for the masses [plasma tv’s, computers, Hotel Nacional], that its laughable, but that’s enough because Castro, Inc.. knows that if the MSM reports on them, the masses of passive readers in the USA and in Europe will believe that these “reforms” are real and substantial.

  3. Just a thought – CUBA – the second nation in the world to have Broadcast COLOR TV – still uses the NTSC standard (same as US & Canada) to the best of my knowledge. As we convert to HDTV, can’t our old sets be “infiltrated” to the island?

  4. I was asked yesterday about “all the changes in Cuba”. After asking him what changes and explaining that there was no effect for the average Cuban even outside the realm of freedoms.
    We then talked of world leaders and when I heard his position on many socialist leaders I understood why he bought into the lie. He has bought into all the others as well so a few more don’t make a difference.

  5. It reminds me of the old Cuban joke: If there were no future tense in Spanish, Fidel would be speechless (and in this case, Raul).

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