4 thoughts on “A thousand words”

  1. The only thing that’s missing is Joedilocks and the rest of the Obamunistas there giving it (the money) to them.

  2. I’d thrash him from top to bottamus!

    If I were King of the Forest, Not queen, not duke, not prince.
    My regal robes of the forest, would be satin, not cotton, not chintz.
    I’d command each thing, be it fish or fowl.
    With a woof and a woof and a royal growl – woof.

    As I’d click my heel, all the trees would kneel.
    And the mountains bow and the bulls kowtow.
    And the sparrow would take wing – If I – If I – were King!

    Each rabbit would show respect to me. The chipmunks genuflect to me.
    Though my tail would lash, I would show compash
    For every underling!

    If I – If I – were King!
    Just King!
    Monarch of all I survey — Mo–na-a-a–a-arch Of all I survey!

  3. Henry,
    Joedilocks and the rest of the Obamunistas can kiss my Cuban ass because I won’t send any money to Cuba no matter what.
    And Obama would never get my vote; no matter what articulate bullshit comes out his mouth.

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