Bashing or endorsing?

The President of the United States spoke for 20 minutes last week about Cuba. He spoke about the deplorable human rights situation, he spoke about the lack of civil liberties, he spoke about the political prisoners -even mentioning many of them by name- but the only thing that was really covered by the news media was the announcement that the U.S. would permit cell phones to be sent to Cuba.
But when a column is published in Granma, the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party, that is attributed to fidel casto the media jumps as high as it can. The amusing thing is how the same column provides so many contradictory angles:
Obama Facing Fire From Fidel Castro Over Cuba Policy – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Fidel Castro chides Obama
Persevere –
An ‘endorsement’ no candidate wants: Fidel favors Barack
Castro’s Stinging Endorsement
New York Times – United States
Fidel Castro criticizes Obama´s promises
?? – Beijing,China
Castro Criticizes Obama’s Planned Cuba Policy
TalkLeft –
Castro Casts His Vote For Obama
Forbes – NY,USA
Castro criticizes Obama on Cuba
PRESS TV – Tehran,Iran
Castro criticizes Obama plan to keep US embargo
KAIT – Jonesboro,AR,USA
Fidel Castro Slams Barack Obama Over Cuba Embargo
TransWorldNews (press release) – Monroe,GA,USA
Castro blasts and praises Obama
Whether castro is bashing or endorsing Obama, there’s one thing we can be sure of: Havana wants him to win. Hillary Clinton and John McCain are both promising more of the same with regards to Cuba, namely certain conditions have to be met in order for the embargo to be lifted. On the other hand Obama has made all kinds of noises that he would remove elements of the embargo if not the whole thing while at the same time conferring upon the dictatorship the legitimacy that it seeks by conducting one-on-one meetings “without precondition” with raul castro “the reformer”, executioner and granter of cellular phones and toaster ovens.

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  1. WOW! I didn’t even realize this until you pointed it out. Not one mention was made about the political prisoners in Cuba yet they talked about the U.S. allowing cell phones to be sent to Cuba. I wonder if this would’ve been news if these newly-lifted restrictions wouldn’t have been mentioned?!

  2. This is what I was trying to tell you few days ago on another post regarding this issue.
    Is totally incredible to me the great lengths that the MSM goes when it come to issues regarding Cuba in misinforming the American people, totally unbelievable.
    No wonder how many Americans are still so clueless of the Cuban reality even after 49 years of tyranny and over a million Cubans refuges that settled in America during all those years.
    What is burns me up the most that in America, the world bastion of freedom of speech and press there is such a hidden agenda concocted by the MSM to withhold from the people the real truth about Cuba. Talking about complicity with the regime.
    President Bush said one very powerful truth some time back (maybe the greatest thing that he has said about Cuba) when he spoke at the State Department saying something along these lines (I’m not exactly quoting thought):
    One day the real horror stories about Cuba under Castro will be made available to the whole world; and it would be much more that what is has been reported by the media to this day and; that it would not be a way for anyone to excuse the horrors committed by the Castro brothers.
    When that day finally arrives, believe me the MSM will have plenty of explaining to do to the American people, it’ll be interesting to watch that show.
    In the meantime we just have to wait and suffer. And we have been for a real long time, talking about patience.
    But make no mistake; one day it’ll be our turn to rejoice when freedom finally arrives for Cuba.

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