fidel, a chip off the old block…

A few days ago I posted a picture of a coin or token that came from Cuba with the father in law of my kids’ nanny. The nanny is Nicaraguan and her husband is Cuban.
I explained to her today that from what our readers told me the token probably was from a sugar refinery. The C. Angostura probably meant “Central Angostura” and the “S.C.” might mean Santiago de Cuba. I explained that I found similar tokens from other Cuban sugar centrales on Ebay though those seem to be more elaborate and judging by the dates newer than the specimen we were trying to find out about.
I explained to my kids’ nanny that the centrales would pay their employees with these tokens that could only be used at company stores. She looked at me and said, “oh that’s like the chavitos today,” referring to the Cuban peso which is relatively worthless. I told her that was a very astute observation. fidel learned well at the foot of his father who was notorious for abusing his employees and used a similar form of debt bondage with them.

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