castro’s important endorsement

Well the Republican Party of Florida is having a little fun at Barack Obama’s expense and Joe “Joedilocks” Garcia has his panties in a wad about it.
But behind all the laughs there is some truth to this. This is not the first time castro (or his ghost writer) has written glowing things about Obama. And it’s no secret that Aruca, Lesnik and the other mouthpieces of castro, inc. in our city want the three Republican congresspersons from south Florida defeated, not because their opponents are Democrats or communists or fidelistas but because they are come mierdas. fidel knows how to get over on come mierdas. That’s why he got over on Kennedy and Carter and Clinton. That’s why he got over on Ford.
castro, Aruca and Lesnik’s hatred of the Ileana and the Diaz-Balarts is enough of an endorsement for me.
Over/Under on minutes before I get an email from someone in Joe’s campaign: 15.

4 thoughts on “castro’s important endorsement”

  1. Let’s not forget Joedilock’s invitation to New York Democrat Charles-anti-embargo-Rangel to his April 21 fundraiser.

  2. I’m not sure which is more offensive, Castro endorsing Obama or Garcia implying that the electorate is too stupid to realize the picture is a joke, doctored to make a point.

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