So Who Really “Panders” to Cuban American Voters?

The mainstream media is all atwitter with Obama’s recent speech in Miami. Florida holds 27 coveted electoral votes and is habitually described as “pivotal” election-wise. The most scintillating aspect of the visit for the media was the Democratic candidate’s hosting by the once influential Cuban-American-National-Foundation (KC and the Sunshine Band once influenced music too).
To salivating Democrats and their media cronies this hosting means Obama is poised to pilfer a hefty chunk of traditionally Republican Cuban-American voters in this key state. If so, it may come at the expense of votes from the Democrats’ equally traditionally faithful “Hispanics.”
After all his pandering to the marginal Cuban-Americans voters who hosted him last week it will be interesting to see how the Obama campaign camel will thread the Hispanic vote needle.
On the one hand, if Obama has his way, Cubans will be equal to all other “Hispanic” immigrants and residents in the U.S. by being bestowed the identical travel and remittance provisions to their homelands.
On the other hand, if Obama has his way, Cubans will be much more equal than other “Hispanics” by also retaining their traditional fast-track to citizenship historically bestowed upon blue-eyed Czech and East Germans who breached the Iron Curtain, but generally denied to filthy wetbacks and other greasers who slither in from dysfunctional nations to the south.
No “racist Republican” while “pandering” to Cuban-Americans has ever proposed anything so patently unfair and offensive as Obama’s proposal.
Read the rest regarding–yes!– remittances here.

4 thoughts on “So Who Really “Panders” to Cuban American Voters?”

  1. To the MSM (and I guess to Obama as well) all Hispanics look alike!
    A friend of mine –and a Democrat at that- who attended the Cuban-American National Foundation gathering commented to me the other day that she was very surprised to see that close to 80% of all the attendees were Non-Cuban-American. Does anyone know if this is true? Is there a video (or pictures) of the Cuban-American National Foundation dinner/Obama speech?

  2. “the once influential Cuban-American-National-Foundation (KC and the Sunshine Band once influenced music too).”
    ROTFL. CANF no longer speaks for this 30-something Cuban-American. Jorge Mas Canosa must be turning in his grave.

  3. Can somebody explain what happened to the Cuban-American foundation. Were they infiltrated were they taken over.
    From distant Oregon it looks most odd

  4. Larry,
    The problem with the CANF is much worse because it being run by two assholes, Jorge Mas Santos and Joe Garcia.
    Unfortunately Jorge Mas has totally betrayed his father legacy undoing all the good efford that Jorge Mas Canosa put into the foundation years ago.
    Talking about disrespect for your elders.
    Plus I suspect that Jorge Mas and Joe Garcia want to do business with Raulito even thought they would deny it to their graves.

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