Et tu, Stanford?

Stanford University is home of the renown think tank known as the Hoover Institution, it apparently is also home to an apologist for the castro regime. A Stanford alum sent us this invite which received (note the text that I have highlighted by changing its color to red):
Not mentioned in the invite is how that great Cuban educational system takes into account how “integrated” into the Revolution the student and his/her parents are.
Top Cuban courses are:

Raft Building 101: How to make a seaworthy vessel from trash
Jineterismo 101: Sell your body for fun and profit
Begging 201: This very popular course teaches you the best approaches to extract money from tourists
Resolviendo 301: This is an advanced course in how make due with soy bean picadillo, reuse coffee grounds and stretch a 10 day ration for 30 days
Bombo 401: This course is indispensable for those wishing to leave the island, you’ll learn how to fill out the necessary applications for the U.S. visa lottery
Soborno: 401: This class teaches you how to bribe the necessary castro, inc. officials to get your exit visa once you have your U.S. visa
Doble Moral: This a required course for all Cubans that teaches you what can and can’t be said in public., especially to visiting professors.

This guy intends to come down here and lecture people on the merits Cuba’s educational system? What a set of balls he must have.
Oh brother.

6 thoughts on “Et tu, Stanford?”

  1. This event isnt happening in that hotbed of extremism and right wing cuban exile old guard intransingence, is it?
    Le ronca los cojones man.

  2. My note to the organizers:
    Just heard about the event with Stanford Professor Carnoy that’s coming up and I’m curious, will he be speaking about the same Cuban primary educational system that indoctrinates children in Cuba? Will he mention the work camps? The rifle and arms training? Does he want a poster of che in every classroom in Florida? Will Florida’s school children’s records become political dossiers now as well? Wont it confuse the children when their taught to hate los yanquis imperialistas?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    I think youll be hearing quite a bit more about this incredibly inane event in the days to come. Lots more.
    Val Prieto

  3. The left wing considers political indoctrination to be education’s main purpose, thereby making the Cuban system worthy of emulation.

  4. And let’s not forget that novel approach to education, placing teenagers as teachers in the front of the classroom. If you remember, not too long ago, a young boy was killed when his 14 year old “teacher” beaned him over the head with a desk.

  5. Hey, lets not forget the ever popular method of teaching math to the kids; “if you have five Yankee imperialist invading your country, and you kill four of them with your AK-47, how many gringo imperialists do you have left?” And for extra credit; tell me how many bullets are left if you empty one and one-half clips into the imperialists – knowing that each clip has 20 bullets in it?” Maybe this guy will be the Secretary of Education in the new Obama Administration. HIJOS DE LA GRAN PUTA que son todos!

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