“Obama, Black Liberation Theology, and Karl Marx”

Great article in The American Thinker about the connections between Obama’s religious affiliations and the Marxist mind-set. For your second course, I invite you to see this video I posted last week on The Universal Spectator. It bears watching and passing on to those on the fence about our new Messiah.

Oh, and, by the way, does this statement remind of you of someone ever-present on our TVs these days?

…the power which has always started the greatest religious and political avalanches in history rolling has from time to immemorial been the magic of power of the spoken word, and that alone.Particularly the broad masses of the people can be moved only by the power of speech.

Who said it? Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf.

7 thoughts on ““Obama, Black Liberation Theology, and Karl Marx””

  1. Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and Machiavelli’s “The Prince” were/are fidel’s favorite reference books.

  2. Sadly, it’s my comment that’s gone over your head.
    Pretty much every leader (whether they are good or evil) utilizes the power of speech. Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, FDR, Winston Churchill – or, conversely, Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, etc etc.
    They all subscribe to it – what the hell is your point? People should be afraid of speech that is uniting people? Are you really stretching your argument so much to say that Obama is leading us into a fascist dictatorship?

  3. No, I’m saying that Obama is using “speech” — ostensibly to unite us — that will lead us inexorably into a Socialist dictatorship.

  4. Mike,
    When you look at the substance behind Obama’s articulate speeches you realize that he’s full of shit.
    Just look and digest the substance behind these speeches don’t follow the “Change” bullshit line, please.
    Plus Obama is not a “uniter”, period. Prime proof of this fact is his twenty plus years association with characters like reverend Wright and others with anti-American values.
    Making articulate bullshit speeches is not proof of being a uniter words are cheap.
    The fact is that Obama has gotten an easy ride getting away with little pressure from the MSM regarding all his past and current associations with these types of anti-American characters.
    Prime sample was how easy he was let go off the hook during the reverend Wright controversy. Had the MSM done its job and taken him to task more strongly (as they always do to President Bush and the Republicans) his campaign would have unraveled and collapsed months ago.
    Trust me, when you’re a sincere honest politician, with strong, patriotic American values you don’t associate with the kind of people that Obama does. It is just that plain and simple and impossible to excuse and ignore unless you’re stupid or don’t want to admit to the truth or you’re in hopeless denial.
    Tell me who you’re with and I tell you who you’re, is just that simple, period.
    I have been long enough in America and lived through several administrations (both Democrats and Republicans) and one of the few things I’ve learned regarding politics is to spot when a politician is full of shit and has a hidden agenda that he’s keeping away from the electorate because he wants to be elected at all costs.
    Barack Hussein Obama is prime example of that type of politician.
    When I thought that William Jefferson Clinton was the slimiest, sneakiest, lying weasel politician that I had ever seen in the American political area in my lifetime, Barack Hussein Obama shows up and makes Bubba look like a schoolboy in that department.

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