4 thoughts on “About those so-called reforms…”

  1. I too had trouble deciphering her commie double speak, but I believe she is telling us about the strength and stamina of the new and improved *gag, barf*, “revolution” that survived the “special period,” thanks to the new, *gag croak gag barf*, “leadership.”

  2. What I understood from her babbling was that things will go back to how they were, a “socialist” society without any changes towards democracy. If anything, the repression is going to be more severe. They feel they are more powerful now because of the leftist governments in latin america following in their footsteps and the backing they receive from them. So much for the benevolence of the new “old” man in power.

  3. Translation:
    “We were the USA’s bitch, then we were the USSR’s bitch and now we’re Venezuela’s bitch. But now that other countries in latin America are becoming Venezuela’s bitches too, we feel less like a whore.”

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