More Global Warming Hogwash!

“Bears are Inuit (Eskimo) food,” says Canadian Inuit Jayko Alooloo in an interview with Canada’s CTV, “like cows for you southern people.”
Alooloo also regards the newly-designated status of polar bears as “endangered” as a complete crock.
“They’re actually increasing every year.” he says. But what does he know? He only lives amongst them? Whereas, from his Washington D.C. Office, U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne relied on computer weather model to predict that in 50 years, due to Global Warming’s effect on arctic ice fields, polar bears will decrease in numbers. My own weatherman’s computer model’s rarely get it right for the next four days. Kempthorne’s nails it for the next fifty years!
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2 thoughts on “More Global Warming Hogwash!”

  1. I wonder if I can mail order some baby seal from Jayko Alooloo. I’m running out of manatee in my freezer and I’ve got a barbecue coming up.

  2. Wish that Alooloo were a US Citizen. I would recommend him for Vice President. Then again, with Gov. Palin as a possibility – a bit of “Arctic Common Sense” might just seep through.

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