Obama’s Other Longtime Friend and Advisor (UPDATE ABOVE)

The good father here like Rev. Wright like William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and Tony Rezko all friends, advisers, confidants of the Junior Senator from Illinois until it is no longer politically convenient.
Yet, Mr. Obama is still a member of this church and sends his kids there. So he must not have nothing against what they preach there.

11 thoughts on “Obama’s Other Longtime Friend and Advisor (UPDATE ABOVE)”

  1. FFC: You’re spot-on, even though his apologists claim it is unfair to judge him so. God, I cringe every time I hear these guys speak; they are really scary, and to think this MF’r is a white Catholic priest. Scary, absolutely, friggin scary.

  2. Mambi, this guy is from the same cloth as the liberation theologists that preached Marxism in Latin America alongside Catholicism. It was Pope John Paul II that put an end to these guys. They should be preaching the gospel; not politics.

  3. McCain did not go to that dude’s church. McCain did not call that dude a spiritual advisor. It’s like comparing sh*t to shinola.

  4. Double spot-on for you CM. But, notice how the MSM keeps trying to equate the two. It is so intellectually dishonest to say they both “have a preacher problem.” Any rational, common sensical analysis will clearly reveal that you can’t compare them. The Obama/Dem Party supporters need to visit McCain’s church and come up with something similar from that congregation and its leadership, otherwise, they need to crawl back in their hole and admit they have a real problem.

  5. Mike, this is Frank Rich’s attempt to excuse Obama for going to a MARXIST/RACIST CHURCH FOR TWENTY FUCKING YEARS! Maybe McCain sought out Hagee’s and Parsley’s endorsement to try to add some fundamentalist bona fides to his campaign, I’ll grant you that, but he didn’t sit in those churches every Sunday, unlike your Marxist candidate. Your bud listened to all that anti-white, anti-American bullshit and never uttered a peep of protest or disagreement — until it became to hot a political topic for his precious candidacy. Seriously, you’re more deluded than I thought…

  6. Willing suspension of disbelief = 20 years of a steady diet of racist rants fail to impact your mind …. why, you can’t even recall the rev revvin’ it up.
    Just listen to Michelle; if anyone has those messages etched in the bones, it’s the Mrs. Angry, negative, condescending; it has changed her appearance, she’s turned ugly.
    Like most lib females.

  7. George,
    But there is no fucking excuse whatsoever for Barack Hussein Obama belonging in that church for twenty years, no matter what anyone in the MSM says.
    His involvement with that church speaks volumes on the kind of individual he is.
    The MSM can spin Obama’s involvement or break with this church all they want from now on but, the damage has already been done to his campaign.

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