South Florida’s worry bead time

Today is the start of Hurricane Season, a day when all of us who live here in South Florida who have experienced those wonderful storms known as hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones to examine our preparedness for the storms. My only piece of advice: if you live here or anywhere else that is in the target zone, take these storms seriously. I’ve been through seven of them and they are an awesome force of nature.

They’re predicting an above-average season this year; they did so last year and nothing happened. Let’s pray they’re as wrong on hurricane season as they are on man-made global warming…

3 thoughts on “South Florida’s worry bead time”

  1. Actually, last season’s overall predictions weren’t too far off the mark. It just depends on where you live. No one in Nicaragua or Yucatan will tell you that the predictions were way off, because they got slammed by Cat 5 storms.

    That’s the whole thing about seasonal forecasts. They’re great and all, but even if they’re 100%correct, it says absolutely NOTHING about one area’s particular risk.

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