When liberals attack liberals…

…there’s always fun to be had:

The Clinton camp responded today to Vanity Fair’s long article on Bill with its own 2,244-word memo, which includes attacks on the magazine’s “penchant for libel,” on editor Graydon Carter, and on writer Todd Purdum and his wife, former Clinton aide Dee Dee Myers.

The memo (after the jump) calls the piece “journalism of personal destruction at its worst” and singles out, among other things, Purdum’s suggestion that Clinton’s heart surgery changed his personality.

You have to love this. Read the entire piece including the legacy-enshrining memo from Bubba.

12 thoughts on “When liberals attack liberals…”

  1. Allyson, I’ve deleted your comment. Is this more rumor-mongering? Are there any other Chicago residents out there who have heard this? God knows I don’t want this man as my President, but making these scurrilous allegations is pretty low. Unless they can be proven with evidence I’m not willing to allow this on the site.

  2. I’m far more suspicious of government solutions to local problems – in fact, any problem – than Bill Clinton, but neither would I call his crime bill, welfare reform, support of NAFTA, and enthusiastic support of the Telecommunications Act particularly liberal propositions.

  3. Thin, you sound like a libertarian. That said, I’ve met many who say they are but are really libs. Case in point: Bill Maher, who claims to be a libertarian and is really a fucking socialist.

  4. Naw, I like money and its acquisition far too much, not to mention looking down on people. Plus, I’m suspicious of government, not hostile.

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