What do you get when you blend the most un-Cuban music in the world with uninteresting images taken from a Coco-taxi and a little boy tying his shoe to a musical ode to Che Guevara? This abominable video.

I clicked through to the film maker’s web site and found this lovely quote (emphasis mine):

Since August 2006 we live in Caracas, Venezuela. The country has its good sides and bad sides. The weather is absolutely fantastic. Some parts of the country can be pretty dangerous because of violent robberies. There is little history and culture. The beaches are nice, nature is wonderful. People are cheerful.

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  1. The horrible thing is that I’m sure that in their warped mind, they’re “revolutionary” even though they are the EXACT OPPOSITE, I mean, how much worst can it get when you go to an enslaved country to sustain its tyrannical regime with your money?

  2. Pls pardon my ‘French’ about a Venezuelan activity in Cuba…but is that little boy in the video ‘peeing’ on the base of Miranda’s statue????

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