The idiocy of Joe Garcia

I just forced myself to watch Oscar Haza interviewing Joe “Joedilocks” Garcia and the guy is a first class ass and a moron.

First of all, don’t dare talk to him about Cuba. He’s Mr. Cuba, dontchaknow? I’ve never heard someone toot his own horn (with so little to toot about) as much as this guy. I didn’t know that tearing apart the most influential exile organization was a qualification for congress.

At the end of the show Haza asks Joedilocks which candidate is the candidate that anti-castro Cubans should back, Obama or McCain and Garcia says that McCain would continue the Bush policies that have led to less freedom in Cuba and more political prisoners.

There you have it. According to Joe Garcia the reduction in the amount of money one is allowed to send to Cuba and the amount of trips one is allowed to make to Cuba have resulted in more repression and more political prisoners. No, it wasn’t the fault of the castro brothers and their henchmen. It’s PRESIDENT BUSH who is to blame.

It bears mentioning that just prior to this ridiculous accusation Garcia said that he’s IN FAVOR of the overall EMBARGO. So when he criticizes “Bush’s Policies” he can only be talking about the remittance and travel restrictions.

Joe Garcia has shown a disgustingly clear penchant for distorting the president’s words. In fact he first appeared on my radar (with regards to this blog) almost two years ago. Take a read for yourself.

What a clown.

7 thoughts on “The idiocy of Joe Garcia”

  1. I had to change channels, I just could not take his stupidity. Henry and George, you both are being too kind…

  2. Hey, I went to Belen!

    I’m willing to bet that Belen grads living in the 25th district are 9-1 against Garcia.

  3. Yes, I also can’t stand watching this arrogant asshole. Everytime he comes on I change the channel. He is the quintessential jerk.

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