New voting machines

The new optical scan voting machines for Miami-Dade County have been certified. That means we’ll be using paper ballots that are scanned by an optical scanner in November’s general election.

A short video explaining how the voting system works can be seen here.

Among the issues that Charlie Crist promised action on was a reform to the elections equipment that many counties rushed out and bought after the 2000 elections. It was a long time coming and Crist and the state legislature delivered. No voting system is perfect but the combination of the paper trail and electronic counting process makes this about the best we can hope for.

3 thoughts on “New voting machines”

  1. I can just hear the Palm Beach voters now… ‘My pen doesn’t work,’ ‘the ink isn’t dark enough,’ ‘is a check-mark acceptable?,’ ‘can I circle my candidate’s name?’ No hanging chads this time. Just delays and more delays.

  2. Heh. I assume that prior to depositing the ballot, the voter puts it into a device that checks it for under/over voting and other issues and kicks it back for correction.

    That’s what we’ve got, but then again I live up in the backwoods of N. Florida… 😉

  3. yeah the video shows that. But it only will reject your ballot if you overvote not undervote since you aren’t required to vote in every race.

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