Election imagery

All candidates try to present themselves in the best light and they often use imagery to communicate what and who they are. We remember, for example, images of JFK playing touch football To portray himself as vibrant and healthy as opposed to gravely ill which he was), Ronald Reagan working on his ranch, etc.

Today candidates try even harder to control their image and are using things like the internet to do just that. Whether it’s the Obama “yes we can video” or his poster that was inspired by Korda’s infamous image of Che Guevara we’re seeing a lot more of this imagery.

I was doing some research, trying to find out what the latest was on the alleged video of a Michelle Obama “Whitey” screed when I found this site in support of Hillary.

I was struck by the symbolism in this image:


There’s a very Leninesque quality of the pose selected by the designer:
1965 Soviet Political Propaganda Poster with Lenin-- thumbnail.jpg

The font used along with the blue is an attempt to steal a little bit of Obama’s look:

But the most striking thing is the background. The rising sun:


The Hillary picture is more than likely NOT authorized by the campaign, still it’s interesting and revealing to see how her supporters envision her.

2 thoughts on “Election imagery”

  1. Kid you not, but this morning I saw a photo of Obie with a halo ……Photoshop or just the right pose, who knows, but it’s already circulating.

    All tyrants, petty dictators, and assorted nefarious characters in the miserable history of human government have this in common, they made great use of oratory (i.e., BS that sounds real good) and media/communications, chiefly by exercising total control over it.

    Let’s not forget what happened after Gutenberg cranked up his printing press.

    The Wolfson gallery on the beach has an interesting collection of WWII propaganda posters used in Europe by the various players, that to us today look really tacky and juvenile, but it’s chilling to realize the impact they had on the public back then. Yikes.

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