The Babalu Firesale (Updated)

Or the “Val’s wife says he better get rid of all this stuff before she throws it into the canal” Sale.

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Since we’re basically redoing all or most of the interiors of the house – the Mrs and I have been living amid a sea of boxes for the past two months. We can spend an entire weekend opening up boxes, storing and putting stuff away, tossing out a bunch of crap, only to find we have more boxes full of crap. It is amazing just how much crap one accumulates with time. It’s like there’s little box gnomes that secretly bring in boxes of crap while we’re sleeping.

I have managed to whittle the Babalu/Cuba Nostalgia stuff down to three large plastic bins from the original six. I have some extra stuff that I basically have no room for and that will either sit there collecting dust or piss me off every morning when Im looking for my shoes and find it’s in the way. Thus…

I have the following items that I will send you for a small – dont be cheapskates – donation to the Babalu fund:

Four Babalu Eyes tshirts – size Large SOLD!!
Five Che? Still Dead! tshirts – size Large ONLY THREE LEFT!!!
Two Cuban Flags that attach to your car windows. ONE LEFT! ACT NOW!!!
– A shitload of CAMBIO bumper stickers (given yesterday’s Berraco Bama’s victory, I will, for no additional charge, write in “en Cuba” with a thick Sharpie, if so desired. I’ll also throw in a Carlos Navarro Cambio poster, on me.) PLENTY IN STOCK!!
One extra “Breve Historia de Cuba” book by Jaime Suchlicki MONEOED!
One extra “Fighting Castro- A Love Story” book, signed, by Kay Abella GONE!
One “Oye Celia!” children’s book. GONAROOSKY!
Two extra “Mateo’s Progress” children’s books by Alejandro Lorenzo VOLARON!
One extra “A Bridge in Darkness” book by Carlos Victoria BUHBYE!


UPDATE!!! I just found three “Proud Member of the Miami Mafia” and one in Spanish tshirts in a drawer here at the office. Size Large. All four on the auction block. TWO LEFT!!!! OPERATORS STANDING BY!!!

So come on, folks, let’s haggle. If you’re interested in any of the above, either shoot me an email or make me an offer in the comments section of this post. Or, if walking with your elbows is more your thing, Id be happy to send you any of the above free, as long as you pay postage.

6 thoughts on “The Babalu Firesale (Updated)”

  1. Val, I’d like Kay’s book. I meant to get one at the time. I’m happy to pay full price for it.

  2. George,

    Are you attending the UM thing on thursday? if not, I can get Jaime to sign your book for you.

  3. I have visitors at work that may prevent me from going. If you can get his signature, that’d be great!

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