8 thoughts on “F*** the Five”

  1. Nothing to argue here on the part of the “sheep.”

    They got what they had coming to them. What on Earth did they expect? A party complete with pastelitos and cafecitos after the BTTR tragedy?


    I only wish we had in the U.S. a Prison comparable to Mexico City`s old Lecumberri Prison (El Palacio Negro de Lecumberri) which was so horrific that the Mexican govn. was force to demolish it. Then we could send these ñangaras to live there the rest of thier shitty lives….QUE SE JODAN!

  3. There were hundreds of pages not entered into evidence during the trial because they posed a threat to “National Security.”

  4. Peshkatari

    death to the five is what fifo and his ilk do; without fair trials.

    in our country: they got the appropriate punishment; they got fair trials; and they can spend a buttload of time in federal prison.

    the death penalty is barbaric and obsolete especially when the crime is not 1st degree murder.

    these guys were accessories to murder; but not the trigger men. the trigger men are somewhere in cuba licking raul’s private parts.

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