New Blog


Elías Santiago and Cheo Valdés met at Versailles Restaurant in Miami when the Code Pinkos showed up to protest Posada Carrilles some months ago. They ended up chasing the pink-clad womyn away and struck up a friendship that has turned into an allegiance and a blog. From their email:

“…we are only but two fictional, albeit realistic accounts among millions of similar but true stories in the long, arduous book that is the Cuban Exile Experience. That experience came about due to a leftist tyranny that destroyed a country, thrust an advanced, cosmopolitan society into the pits of poverty, divided hundreds of thousands of families, ended countless lives, decimated a culture, and displaced and ruined millions.

This is what happens when a society surrenders its liberty. In Cuba, it happened suddenly, and in other places perhaps more gradually. Regardless, the void the liberty leaves behind is always filled by tyranny. “

They named it “Versailles Beat” and you can check it out HERE.