D-Day 2007

What if we were fighting the big one, WWII nowadays? How would our media cover it? Great video that gives you a taste of what that would be like.

Just like the video notes, Germany never attacked the U.S. Germany posed no immediate threat to the United States when Japan attacked our country. Roosevelt lied and people died. Many many people died.

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  1. Actually Hitler’s biggest blunder was declaring war on the US after we declared war on Japan.

    By declaring was on the US, then FDR had all he needed to declare war on Germany & Italy. He would not have had the votes to Declare war on Germany simply to help the UK and Europe.

    here’s hitler’s speech. sounds a lot like chavez


  2. Excellent portrayal of a troubled aspect of our society – the self-anointed experts, second-guessers, monday-morning quarterbacks, ad nauseum. Never mind that much of it is politically biased, it’s this notion, created by our extreme liberties, that all of us know better than the guy who’s running the show. Unfortunately, in a time of war, that mentality becomes an exercise in self-destruction that our enemies will certainly exploit. All these sorry SOBs who have savagely attacked the Administration over the past six-plus years don’t have any real solutions other than packing up our toys, hunkering down on the mainland, throwing softballs at the enemy, and hoping we don’t get attacked again. It’s a prescription for disaster, and I fear we may put leaders in place that will implement that blind approach to international challenges.

  3. The dumbest decision made by the Pentagon was embedding reporters with troops. In war, the battle plan, and the necessary brutality needed to subjugate an enemy, must be the only consideration. The press, while having a right to report news, always has a divergent agenda than that of the generals leading the soldiers to battle. I thank God that we have men like Bill Ardolino and Michael Yon, and not men like Keith Olbermann, there to report what is actually happening in Iraq. Imagine the likes of Olbermann reporting the news then; we’d have scenarios similar to this video every day.

    The vast majority of people, myself included, have no concept of what a war is like; we are lucky to have young men defending us so we can be spared the fight. But fight we must and win we must. As long the media is hell-bent on presenting a series of skewed facts about a conflict, nothing will be won on the most important front of all: the home-front. If the wars cannot be won because of fifth columns of traitors and cowards in our midst, because of the lying journalists who do their best to undermine the war-effort, then all is lost for America in the future battles we are destined to have to fight.

  4. Good point, with today’s sissies and afeminates we would be typing German, speaking Japanese and Broadway Ave would be Fidel’s Way, tks God we still have some left with cojones.

  5. George, totally concur with your comment; “necessary brutality needed to subjugate an enemy.” Unfortunately, we are fighting both wars over there with our hands tied behind our backs, always afraid of what the liberal/left will say if we truly unleash the “dogs of war.” I served in Afganistan last year, and am here to tell you that most of us were disgusted when we watched the news broadcasts from the States – even Fox. For the most part, they truly do not know what is happening. Many bring their biases and others just don’t know all the details, so they pass along observations/judgements that are way off the mark and have little basis in reality. The US has incredible resources to bear on the enemy, but we are constantly hamstrung by ‘liberal’ concerns and schackled with restrictions that don’t apply to the enemy. After what I personnally witnessed over there, I’m totally convinced that we could finish off the Taliban in six months if we cut out all the BS constraints placed on us. We fight with overly sensitive Western rules that in the end will cost us more in lives than if we just unloaded on the enemy together with our Afghan and Iraqi allies. Even this administration is totally cowered by the shrill voices on the left, and is unwilling to challenge them in order to finally finish this mess. Oh, and for the hand-wringers in the audience; we can be brutal and uncomprimising, and still be respectful and considerate (after kicking their ass) – they have to go hand-in-hand.

  6. HENRY! This is an awesome post and it clearly displays the media’s bias in light to be seen by all. How you ever found it I dont know but I am grateful you did.

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