“examining democracy”

I posted this video once before and noted how the attorney from New Zealand explains that we have to take a hard look at (reigning in) democracy. Of course she lives in a democracy and thus takes it for granted. They took the video down after brought attention to it. Now they have posted it again without the “Cuba” keyword. I have ripped it to my hard disk if they remove it again. Enjoy…

3 thoughts on ““examining democracy””

  1. Hey Henry,
    A little off topic, but you were able to put a video from youtube onto your hard drive? How do you do that??

  2. There’s an application called FLVR for the mac that allows you to download flash movies like those posted on youtube.

  3. I am so sick of these vacuous elitists wanting to impose their utopian pipe dreams on us, “the people.” I wonder, are they willing to give up bottled water for the revolution?

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