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After reading my Obama rant in which I call John McCain what he is, a liberal Democrat in Republican clothing, a reader challenged me on my knowledge of Ronald Reagan’s political history. Here is my answer:

Please don’t patronize me. Take a look at the masthead of my other web site.

Ronald Reagan was a Roosevelt Democrat but left the party largely because of long conversations he had with his father in-law, Dr. Davis. He noticed how the Democratic party was shifting. Reagan became more conservative over time. McCain is the exact opposite and his voting record since he first got to Washington has become more liberal over time. Reagan was quite of aware of the corrosive power of Washington on conservative principles and I’m sure he’d point to McCain as an example of how that corrosive power works.

Reagan DID compromise on issues. Compromise means giving up something to get something. McCain does not compromise, he capitulates. He attacks his own party and closes ranks with the members of the other party. Reagan loved the Republican party and loved conservatives. McCain barely tolerates both.

These are the facts. If you can’t see McCain for the RINO that he is then what can I tell you?

Obama claims that McCain is with Bush on 95% of his votes which is true. But that’s the problem. The party’s leader, the president, has strayed away from the conservative reservation too. That’s why his approval ratings are so low. Half of the country is going to hate Bush no matter what. He should therefore try to please the other half. Instead he signed so much pork into law and otherwise abandoned the principles that Reagan and later Gingrich used to convince the American people of the rightness of conservatism.

Comparing McCain to Reagan today is a joke.

Reagan did try to push his party. He was a maverick but he was pushing the party to the right. McCain is doing the exact opposite, he’s pushing the party to the left with his stupid campaign finance reform act that has had the exact opposite effect of what it was intended to do. Instead the money is more important than ever has been driven underground into these 527 groups that have no accountability, meanwhile our rights to free political speech have been infringed upon. The fact the president signed that bill still dismays me. But McCain should have been excommunicated from the party just for sponsoring it.

Take a look at the direct quotes of John McCain from the GOP debate at the REAGAN LIBRARY (a beautiful place which I made a point to visit).

His rhetoric surely had the Gipper rolling over in his grave just outside the building.

Reagan’s tomb at his presidential library in Simi Valley, California.

Actual Air Force 1 plane used by Reagan on display at the library.

Actual piece of the Berlin Wall at sunset at the Reagan Library.

I show that last photograph because McCain has made it clear that he does not understand that the communists have not gone away, instead they’ve disguised themselves as environmentalists and cloak their attempt to lay waste to the American economy with pseudoscientific gobbledygook.

14 thoughts on “The Gipper”

  1. Henry:

    All you say is probably correct

    but so then should vote we for Obama?

    Remember Churchill was once a member of the British Liberal Party

    McCain es nuestro buey

    y con este buey hay que arar


  2. Henry:

    You are 100% correct. But I can’t fathom four years of Obama. I’m with McCain about 25% of the issues and Obama 0% so I must vote on that 25% because the alternative is petrifying.

  3. Henry –

    “Cactus Jack” McCain is the Damage Control Candidate. Due to that, I am voting for him.
    That is all. -S-

  4. NcCain changed during the 2000 campaign. Being the combative person that he is, he didn’t take the loss well. In fact he took it personally and took a torch and burned the bridges to the party. He was wrong and I hated him. I even wished that he would change party labels.

    Let’s be honest though – who would have been a better prez – Mc or W? Is it possible to be any worse than W without being Jimmy Carter? The mistakes, ineptitude that marked the incursion to Iraq would have been avoided. Mc has always been a fiscal conservative so it is unlikely that discretionary spending would have rocketed as it has under W.

    What I am getting at is that not only Mc more competent but he would have been more conservative than W. I let bygones be bygones and even voted for Mc, but I confess it was because I couldn’t stand any other candidate.

  5. The only answer: don’t vote. Voting is a right, not a duty. If the race had come down to HRC and Giuliani — as pundits had predicted last October — I would have been only too pleased to abstain.

    You should read Sean Willentz’s newly published The Age of Reagan: 1974-2008. Engrossing and thoughtful.

  6. Oh one last thing we are talking about the Ronald Reagan who secured abortion rights for Californians, right?

    We’re speaking of the same Ronnie who “saved” Social Security, who made a corrupt bargain with Rostentowski to reform the income tax by raising rates. Ronnie was the greatest but he had his faults. Oh one last thing according to several sources he did reach out to Fidel indirectly to soothe things over.

    Ronnie was the greatest but he had faults.

  7. Ronald Reagan presided over the largest tax rate reduction in U.S. history. To say otherwise is a distortion. As for Reagan and abortion in California, why don’t you educate us.

    As for reaching out to fidel, I’m sure every president had tried. We know Ford did. We know Carter did. The question is whether to meet with him unconditionally. I say there HAVE to be conditions.

  8. Oh and Cardinal,

    I disagree with you about the war. Mistakes are made in war. There isn’t a war that the U.S. has fought in which there weren’t fundamental mistakes made from which the country learned for the next war. But the next war is always a different animal. What you see is the manifestation of a media that’s been against this president since election day 2000.

    If we don’t cut and run from Iraq there will be a statue of George W. Bush in Baghdad in 20 years like there’s one of Ike in Normandy.

    Blaming Bush for the economic downturn is ludicrous. I didn’t see George W. Bush signing the approvals on the sub-prime loans or pushing people to get them. We have economic cycles. That’s a reality that no president can control. It’s what you do with it that you can control.

  9. After much public agonizing, Reagan signed an abortion law in 1967 that made it considerably easier for women to get abortions (he later regretted the decision).

    There’s a good account in Lou Cannon’s Governor Reagan: His Rise to Power.

  10. I fully agree with Larry Daley,

    No way in hell that’ll abstain I’ll give my vote to Barack Hussein Obama.

    Unfortunately whether we like it or not we have to stick with John McCain as Obama is going to make a hell of a mess if he ends up in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in November.

    If you thought that Jimmy Carter made a hell of a mess for America in the late seventies, Obama will top it in ways that you could not ever think was possible.

    At this time in history, Barack Hussein Obama would be the worst possible person to be in charge of the Presidency of the United States of America.

  11. No doubt. But that doesn’t make John McCain into Ronald Reagan or a conservative or even a Republican for that matter.

    The fact that this is the choice we have is horseshit.

  12. Henry,

    Like I said in a previous post, leaders like Ronald Wilson Reagan appear only once in a lifetime.

    Reagan came from another era in which people had much stronger American values, were more honest, decent and trustworthy.

    Today those values are lacking in the majority of the political leaders that we have in the arena, and unfortunately much of America itself.

    Because today we have this vacuum of leadership in America and this eroding of American values in our society, you see the rise of bullshit characters like Barack Hussein Obama.

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