Calling the super sleuths

Sometimes I like to peruse the images of the University of Miami’s Cuban photo collection. I came across one that intrigued me. It’s a monument to Jose Marti. The thing is that it’s in Port Chester, NY. Here’s some images of its construction:





I found this citation for such a monument. I found this other citation that says the erection of this monument was controversial.

I am sure that among our readers are people that can give us a bit of history about it.

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  1. Henry,

    I was living in Port Chester when this happened. It was build sometime in 1973.

    I remembered very well as I used to walk by everyday on my way to High School.

    The statue was vandalized some time after completion but it was later fixed. I believe that still is there today.

    These were several thousand Cuban refuges in Port Chester in the late sixties, early seventies. Now there are only very few left.

    You can contact me if you need more information on this story.

  2. I also went to High School in Port Cester NY and remembered when it was constructed. I would like to mention that in the late 60’s and through the 80’s there was a very large Cuban community in the small town. There were also two Cuban family social clubs one being Club 50’s and The Cuban Club on Main St. and Westchester Ave. Many families would gather at the club’s especially on weekends to celebrate everything from birthdays to national and festive holidays in a Cuban style family atmosphere. My wife and I of 30 years met and married in PC and we still have some friends there which we consider the old guard..LOL. last year we went to visit and I purposely drove by the statute and took a few pictures, so it is defanately still there. The Cuban community in PC was a very hard working and prosperous community which stuck together through good and bad times always praying for the freedoms that we still don’t have. Thank you for posting this info as it brings back tons of memories.

    Viva Cuba Libre
    Carlos Orta

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