Another “Inconvenient” Truth

According to this article, Granma , the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party, had an interesting piece today about Cuban salaries. In it, it claimed that Carlos Mateu, a vice minister of labor and social security for the regime,

“underscored that there has been a tendency for everyone to get the same, and that egalitarianism is not convenient.”

Egalitarianism is not convenient.

So that’s 50 years, (and counting), of chasing the Holy Grail of egalitarianism- forcing Cubans to act against their nature, punishing us, imprisoning us, banishing us and killing us and now it’s suddenly not convenient?!?!

What a bunch of cynical traitors! What’s “not convenient” and forcing (r)aúl, the new pragmatic Philosopher King, to change the Marxist dogma is that under the current salary system, there’s no incentive to work hard, or at all, and that’s cutting into his profits:

Mateu said the new compensation system fits with the mantra of “socialist distribution” often mentioned by new President Raul Castro: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work.”

That’s meant to distinguish the current system from Cuba’s ideological goal, Karl Marx’s formula of communism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Everyday it’s another admission that the so called revolution was a scam that was based on lies as the regime scrambles to rationalize undoing all (f)idel’s insane policies in the hopes that it can stave off the inevitable collapse just long enough to make a few more bucks.

If the underlying ideological principles of (c)astro’s revolution, Marxism and egalitarianism, where wrong, then the “revolution” has been about absolute power and enslaving the Cuban people and forcing them to live in egalitarian misery.

Not convenient but true.

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  1. As I’ve said before, the new salary structure or concept of o each according to his work is not going to work because there is no free market for labor in Cuba. The compensation will therefore be set according to “palanca” or nepotism and will therefore be inherently flawed. If a slacker gets a promotion over you in a market economy, you can vote with your feet and work for someone else who appreciates your labor. If your previous employer makes enough bad decisions he’ll soon be out of business.

  2. The Cuban Communist director, Maria Del Carmen Concepción Advised that the revolution will self destruct, if solutions are not found for the problems the country is facing, she made a call with urgency to better the results of the economy,said the The Official Media in Cuba yesterday.

    “Either we resolve the problems or we will self destruct the revolution which cost so much sweat and blood” She said on Sunday, Concepción is part of the secretarial of the Communist Party of Cuba(PCC).
    According to the official media “The Granma, the directive asked for a Provincial assembly of the PCC ” We must work with urgency to acquired Greater results in the economy, fundamentally in the production of foods and to elevate savings and proficiency and substitution of Imports”.

    Back in November of 2005 the communist Leader Fidel Castro had said “This revolution can be destroyed” and not because of the USA but by Cubans”

    “We could destroy it and it would be our own fault’ he lamented, either we beat the problems or we die”

    “This is Serious, it is going to bury us all” Insisted Castro in Saying.
    The First Cuban Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura,Said , Don’t be afraid to pay higher salaries and apply the experience every where that is possible as long as they translate into concrete results.

    La Habana
    José F. Sánchez
    Jefe de Buró
    Dept. de Investigaciones
    La Nueva Cuba
    Junio 11, 2008


  3. So they may raise salaries, so what? The concurrent price increases wipe out those raises and just bring more cash into the government coffers.

    More smoke and mirrors from Raúl and company.

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