Euros stocking up on Ban de Soleil!

The sanctimonious, arrogant Old World bastards are mulling over the idea of lifting the EU sanctions on Cuba:

Defying U.S., EU mulls ending Cuban sanctions

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union states are studying ending sanctions on Cuba in defiance of U.S. calls but have yet to agree on how this would be done, diplomats said on Tuesday.

Closed-door talks on the move are continuing as EU leaders hosted U.S. President George W. Bush for a farewell summit in Slovenia. EU foreign ministers will decide on the sanctions at a meeting in Luxembourg next Monday, the envoys said.

The money quote:

“The time could be right because of changes undertaken by Cuba’s new leadership,” said one EU diplomat. Changes include new rules allowing Cubans to buy cell phones, rent rooms in hotels once reserved for foreigners, and an increase in public debate.

The reporter pulled that “increase in public debate” thing out her ass, as we all know what happens when you “debate” in public in Cuba.

Geez. What a pile of crap.

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