“Lying lies and the leftists who tell them”

Fellow conservatives, do you want to read a paragraph that nails the left?

The trouble with the leftists’ view of the war on terrorism is not merely that they believe lies, as we have so frequently and so recently proven they do. The problem is they believe so many lies, errors so ahistorical and counterfactual as to represent an unreality. The leftist’s myths, intricately layered and mutually reinforcing, bond in such a way as to enclose their adherent within an ideologically driven mania. Subject to imprecision or exaggeration, and folded within the subtext that the United States has always been an oppressive nation, this fervor constitutes, not so much an alternate history as a fairy tale: a simplistic morality yarn for children that carefully tailors its narrative to vindicate its own premises.

And this can apply to just about anything they believe in. Ben Johnson, coauthor with David Horowitz of the new book, Party of Defeat, writes today in FrontPage Magazine about “lying lies and the leftists who tell them.”