When the obvious is surprising

It is no surprise that Cubans on the island want democracy and freedom. What is surprising, though, is that so many of them expressed this counterrevolutionary idea in a recent poll taken on the island.

Do you think a democratic government—elected by the people in free elections—would be more adequate than the current government to solve the country’s problems over the next few years?

Yes 53.8%

No 42.6%

No reply 3.6%

In a country where a person risks being beaten and arrested for expressing such an opinion, the slim majority of those in favor of democracy is a much bigger figure than the number indicates. Especially when one considers the fact that this poll was taken during face-to-face interviews with Cubans on the island. The relatively high percentage of those that had “no reply” to a simple yes or no question, however, is still a good indication of how Cubans are wary of expressing any opinion—whether in favor or not—of the political situation in Cuba.

1 thought on “When the obvious is surprising”

  1. The best government for Cuba would be a Republican form of Government with the 1940’s Constitution reinstated. A Democracy would be a total disaster as it would be the tyranny of the majority over the minority.

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