All Hail Louisiana’s “crackpots, hard-liners and recalcitrants (on Energy)

Louisiana takes many hits as “the northernmost banana republic.” Yuppies and Greenies constitute a rare, exotic and even comical species down here – to the immense benefit of America’s energy needs. “Progressive” and “enlightened” are NOT terms Obama’s Bay Area supporters would use to describe the Bayou state’s decision-makers – especially those who made major decisions half a century ago.

Yet these rustics and yahoos spurred more revolutionary “change” in the production of (genuine) energy than any Obama supporter could imagine with all his or her hallucinations about solar panels and windmills.

Amazingly even HOLLYWOOD!, once recognized this!

So all hail Louisiana’s “crackpots, blockheads, hard-liners and recalcitrants” (on energy.)