There’s only room for one corrupt criminal enterprise

Industrious Cubans manufacturing plastic and aluminum goods out of their homes recently found out that in Cuba there is only room for one corrupt enterprise: castro, Inc. About 300 Cubans were arrested, fined, and some “forcibly returned to their provinces of birth,” in this latest crackdown by the Cuban government slave masters. Trying to supplement their bountiful and generous $20 per month incomes by manufacturing and selling socially destabilizing and counterrevolutionary items such as plates, cups and hair accessories, these assiduous would-be entrepreneurs learned the hard way that there is a limit to the magnanimity and munificence of the crown prince, raul.

For this unfortunate group, those new cell phones and family vacations at seaside resorts will have to wait.

You can read about the corrupt and criminal Cuban dictatorship cracking down on “illegal” businesses HERE.

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