Another sad day for the plight of Cuba’s political prisoners – UPDATED

After the Primavera Negra of 2003, the European Union joined the rest of the free world in condemning the Cuban regime for its latest affront against the basic human rights of its citizens. In addition, the EU imposed sanctions against the rogue regime. By 2005, however, the measures were lifted and the sanctions were left in name only.

Today the EU’s commission for external relations decided to lift those sanctions. Even with such members as the Czech Republic and Sweden calling for the symbolic sanctions to be kept in place until the regime shows at least some improvement in its human rights record, the commission chose to ignore their pleas and the plight of the tens of thousands of Cuba’s political prisoners, and remove the sanctions.

The reason behind their decision? According to the EU commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, “the EU leaders feel they have to cooperate with changes in Cuba after [r]aul [c]astro took over as the head of the country’s government from his ailing brother [f]idel.”

Cell phones, computers, and weekend stays in all-inclusive resorts—all of which only the regime’s elite and a small fraction of the Cuban population can afford. To the EU, though, that constitutes a huge leap in progress toward respecting human rights.

Methinks Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet who is languishing in a dark jail cell right now might disagree.

UPDATE – 11:07 pm

According to this Daily Mail online article, the lifting of the symbolic sanctions by the EU will “encourage reforms.”

The move is largely symbolic, but will be seen as a victory for Cuba’s new premier, [r]aul [c]astro – who took over from his brother nearly two years ago.

European leaders are keen to encourage him to press ahead with democratic and economic reforms.

I am sure the results of this strategy will come as no surprise. It was the same strategy in place during the last Primavera Negra.

5 thoughts on “Another sad day for the plight of Cuba’s political prisoners – UPDATED”

  1. A sad day indeed Alberto! … and all I can think is “Hasta Cuando” …

    I don’t know if you have checked the Cuban government site for external relations (MINREX):

    Sadly enough, I’m sure that this is the site read by many in Europe and Latin America … a blatant tool of government propaganda … and as one of my friends would say … they lie like a rug!!!!

    * “El fenomeno de la emigracion desde Cuba no es tan voluminoso como se ha pretendido hacer ver . . . ”

    * “El termino “emigracion cubana” es cambiante. Y si un día reunio en su mayoria a ex terratenientes, ex latifundistas, empresarios, terroristas y personeros del regimen de Batista y de la comparsa pseudorrepublicana, al paso de los años esa emigracion fue incluyendo en su seno a otros sectores sociales producto de distintas razones.”

    * “. . . Cuba no tiene dificultad en reconocer que sus nacionales son parte del flujo migratorio internacional en busqueda de mejores destinos economicos. Los residentes en Estados Unidos deben a cambio abandonar la falsa imagen de que son un supuesto exilio politico, para reconocer con valor que son otra minoria inmigrante en la primera economia mundial.”

    * Derechos Humanos
    Miguel Alfonso Martinez, Profesor Titular y de Merito del Instituto Superior de Relaciones Internacionales de La Habana (ISRI), resulto electo por aclamacion, miembro del Comite Asesor del Consejo de Derechos Humanos (GINEBRA, 27 de marzo de 2008)

    ” . . . Cuba, continuara su historica cooperacion con los mecanismos universales y no discriminatorios de la maquinaria de derechos humanos de la ONU y seguira participando activamente en todos los foros internacionales relacionados con el tema.(Cubaminrex- DAM)

    . . . So you see guys … WE know better, but the international marketing done by the castro regime has been customized for its target market … and sadly enough they are buying it … each one of us, who knows better, has the moral responsibility to educate those who are are not aware of the reality of Cuba and to challenge those who while well aware of the plight of Cubans, act as PRs(public relations) and speak on behalf of the Cuban government!

    Thanks for doing your part!


    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Only those who spread treachery, fire, and death out of hatred for the prosperity of others are undeserving of pity.” ~ Jose Marti

  2. Changes in Cuba? The EU has been looking for excuses to get back in bed with the tyrants. Expect no help anywhere from outside of Cuba. Its the people of Cuba’s ball. They will have to make a choice.

  3. “Elementary my dear Watson”

    The EU knows VERY WELL that the lifting of the symbolic sanctions will NOT “encourage reforms” in Cuba. These so called “European leaders” are not in any way, shape or form “keen to encourage raulita to press ahead with democratic and economic reforms. They want to keep the status quo.

    It’s all very simple really… These wolves have been feasting on Cuba’s bounty for a long, long, long time and they don’t want to give it up. Spain leads the pack only because the rest of the wolves know they get a bigger share of the bounty when Spain makes the kill.

    These so called “European leaders” –and their constituents- are salivating at the possibility that Messiah Obama could become the next president of the United States and perform a miracle… End the embargo… Which in turn will send million upon million of American tourist to Cuba to line their pockets.

    It’s not about human rights… It’s not about freedom… It’s not about freeing political prisoners… It’s about ECONOMIC INTERESTS. Period.

    My heartfelt thanks go to the Czech Republic, Sweden, Great Britain, The Netherlands and others that stood on the side of justice and showed strength of character to try to do the right thing.

  4. The EU must be full of Pedophiles, they really don’t want to screw with the sweet deal they have with Cuba’s youth. I say once Europe is overrun with Muslim terrorist, we should not step in to help. Let them rot!

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