Obama’s on the wrong side in Elián tragedy

Ones choice of associates show who you are. Obama´s choices provide insight into his real intent towards the castro dictatorship. No amount of flip-flopping will hide the che loving campaign volunteers, or his long time association with radicals and castro apologists.

Two of his advisor’s were involved in returning Elián to Cuba; foreign policy advisor Greg Craig, who represented Elián’s father castro in the custoday battle, and VP search committee member Eric Holder, who was deputy attorney general when 6-year old Elián was seized at gunpoint by federal agents.

Here’s related CNN footage from You Tube. Listen to Obama’s communications director, Robert Gibbs talk around the issue:

The news of Elián joining the Young Communist Union is a predicable reminder of that heartbreaking event. Obama has yet to voice his opinion on that event, but I believe his selection of these two unsavory men as advisors answers that question. Will Obama make yet another statement where he feigns ignorance of his associates actions?

There’s more on Obama and the Elián saga at the Herald, and News Busters.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s on the wrong side in Elián tragedy”

  1. Well if you Miami boys want to go back all over that again, go ahead and try to make it an issue. The public then was overwhelmingly in favor of returning Elian to his father and they would be today. Or do you still think he should have stayed with his alcoholic uncle and psychotic cousin Marisleysis? How many times has he been arrested and she hostpitalized? You family values Republicans crack me up – You’re all for family values but a boy is better of with alcoholic and psychotic distant relatives than his father, just because you don’t happen to agree with his father’s politics.

    Well, I don’t either. But he’s better off there than he ever had a chance to be here.

  2. Another commentator for Obama who gives no info, has no opinions of good or bad on Castro or any other dictator and uses language blaming anyone who calls Castro a dictator someone who uses rhetoric that should be avoided. When is America going to wake up? We must be able to define what we respect and what we decline to respect and any candidate who cannot do this is not someone America should be supporting.

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