The convoluted logic of Maria Isabel, the Guevara loving Obama precinct captain

You’ll remember that Maria Isabel is a Houston area volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign who was interviewed by a local TV station back in February about her volunteer office where she happened to have a Cuban flag hanging on the wall with an image of Che Guevara on it.


It caused quite a scandal and Obama ultimately released a tersely worded statement pointing out the fact that Maria Isabel is not a paid employee of the campaign and that the flag was inappropriate. Obama has never addressed the issue of Guevara himself.

This is important because Maria Isabel isn’t an isolated incident. Many liberals and Obama supporters have a favorable opinion of Guevara and that was demonstrated by the 15 user-generated web pages at with quotes from and pictures of Che Guevara. At the time of the incident Maria Isabel didn’t want to talk about Guevara or the flag. In fact she walked off an interview with the same station that had previously covered her campaign office.

Well, here we are several months later and Maria Isabel has resurfaced. Morning radio show hosts Enrique and Joe (who once crank called fidel castro) interviewed Maria Isabel. You can listen to the interview here.

What’s interesting is how she tries to justify the flag by saying that her father gave it to her to remind her about the suffering of Cuba. She says “tearfully” that the “flag doesn’t support fidel castro or Che Guevara. This is some rather convoluted logic. It’s like hanging a Nazi flag at a synagogue to remember the holocaust. Note in the picture above that she has the flag right next to an American flag and a peace flag. For her to claim now that she is not an admirer of Che Guevara is incredible in the literal sense of the word.

But when asked why she didn’t explain that to the Fox TV reporter she turns the fake waterworks off and explains how the campaign decided to handle the incident. They advised her that she could continue to speak on behalf of the campaign but was “prohibited” from talking about the flag because “what happens, what happens is that is that there are a lot of groups that, well, some people like Che Guevara and other people don’t like Che Guevara and that if I appear on television talking about the flag it would cause a lot of distractions.” When asked who told her that, she answers flatly, “Barack Obama.”

There you have it folks. Barack Obama will NEVER condemn the actions of Che Guevara. It doesn’t make sense for him to alienate a large segment of his supporters who believe the fairy tales concocted by Hollywood about the dreamy revolutionary.

Any anti-castro Cuban-American who votes for this guy, who is afraid to tell his supporters what’s what, has to be an idiot in my opinion. And that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t believe the Guevara myth himself.

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5 thoughts on “The convoluted logic of Maria Isabel, the Guevara loving Obama precinct captain”

  1. I couldn’t get through the whole audio interview. Seriously, by the time I got to the point where she turned on the fake waterworks I was at the point of vomiting. She had the flag up to remind people of the suffering of the Cuban people? What kind of twisted, perverse logic is that?

    If I never hear this woman’s voice again in my life – I’ll be quite a happy man.

    Absolutely positively shameless.

  2. In a similar vein, here is the last comment to your friend and mine
    Boricua en La Luna last week. I posted it twice on the website he linked to: “comment deleted.�

    “Frankly, I’ve always believed that those who would love nothing better than to see Cuba freed from the iron grip of a tyrant would at least have to partially respect a man who once fought for that very same reason.â€?

    Considering that Che was on Fidel’s side, while supporting or participating in the execution of thousands in support of Fidel’s regime, this is rather comical. Che did all he could to support the “iron grip of a tyrant� named Fidel.

    “People like you and people like me are practically different species…it’s like trying to reason with a baboon.â€?

    Yes, it is difficult to reason with someone who maintains that those who want to “see Cuba freed from the iron grip of a tyrant� named Fidel should “partially respect� Che , who in life was a willing participant in Fidel’s regime and in death is an icon of Fidel’s regime.

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