The one sentence that makes you think . . .

This morning I stumbled upon a piece by the AP’s Will Weissert concerning the Bay of Pigs’ “Cold War” past. Weissert’s pieces are generally – as expected – presented from the dictatorship’s point of view. This is – as most of you know – due to the fact that the AP needs to tow the party line in order to maintain its Havana bureau. One senior editor admitted this widely known fact to me over drinks several months ago. Babalusians can catch the post concerning that little gem of a “revelation” by clicking here.

As I sped through Weissert’s latest “dispatch,” I stumbled upon one sentence that summed up both the truth of the Cuban nightmare and the heinous historical revisionism that has often-times plagued so much of the journalism world when it comes to the Pearl of the Antilles:

Today, there is a highway dotted with gray markers where Cuban defenders fell. A boarded-up food stall near the beach is painted with a common Cuban refrain: “We are still in combat.”

The trouble with that statement, Mr. Weissert, comes from the fact that the Cuban defenders who fell, weren’t the 156 soldiers killed on the regime’s side. They were, rather, the 200 men you callously labeled “invaders.”

There is no argument here. There is nothing to discuss. There is truth on the one hand and a falsehood on the other.

2 thoughts on “The one sentence that makes you think . . .”

  1. I bet his heart went pitter-pat when he wrote the words “cuban defenders.” More of the same…

  2. The real number of Castro militia and police killed there is not really known (outside Castro archives) the number apparently exceeded 2,000 and may have been 5,000.

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