7 thoughts on “George Carlin on environmentalism”

  1. Grew up with him, loved him, probably my favorite comedian growing up. However, I thought he was a liberal, so this was wonderfully surprising, and classic Carlin. R.I.P.

  2. A true genius. He always challenged everything we took for granted and truly made us all think. And all that, while we were laughing and being entertained. I was lucky enough to see him in March during his last tour.

    As George Carlin said — the planet is fine; the PEOPLE are f***ed!

    We’ll miss you, George.

  3. I heard on the radio this morning that Saturday Night Live will replay in its Saturday night spot, the first show ever, which Carlin hosted. It is from the 70’s and is being shown as a tribute. I certainly will not miss it!

  4. Man will be sorely missed, he was my favorite comedian. I’d like to point out that Carlin to me wasn’t a liberal. I think he was more of a Conservative/libertarian. He was a take no bullshit kind of guy and a brilliant linguist. His last shows show his disdain for the corporations that control this country and the reality this is today and will be if we don’t all get our shit together. He sounded as he was bitter, but it is all true. Yup, Carlin will be missed.

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