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  1. Maybe this is a bit over my head. Is Babalu now going to focus on the homosexual cause rather than freedom for Cubans? I am asking in all seriousness.

  2. Can’t you see where the two subjects overlap these days, Pototo? If the believers in Global Warming were successful at annoying commie dictators, I’d support them in that regard. Politics goes make strange bedfellows, no?

  3. Pototo, get a grip, dude. There’s a bigger picture here. First, topple the dictatorship, then a establish a civil society that can deal with all of these issues. I’m a social conservative, too; but my fight, first and foremost, is with the regime, not with a subset of victims with whom we may have a disagreement with over lifestyle.

  4. George,
    It is because I have a grip that I do not feel that I have to sleep with demons in order to get at the devil. So long, my passion is for Cuba and I do not feel I need to compromise in order to see a free Cuba. Right is right and wrong is wrong and that is a conviction for me . As this is Val’s board and he has every right to run it as he wishes I will respect that right and go elsewhere. May we see both a free and moral Cuba.

  5. Pototo, even Churchill had to compromise with Stalin to defeat the Nazis — and he hated the Communists as much as we do. People wonder why Cuba isn’t free? Well, here’s the reason, in black and white. Jeez.

  6. I simply dont see what he big deal is about. The cartoon makes no commentary on gay issues and I didnt post it in support or criticism of same. The regime has been trumpeting its’ “advances” in LGBH rights for months and months and now, after all the “alarde” we find that it was nothing but bullshit, as usual.

  7. And I ask Pototo – what would you do with me and the possibly millions of other gay Cubans and Cuban-Americans? If you want to portray it as a “choice” (as if anyone would choose to be treated the way Pototo treats us when he reacts to the mention of the word “gay”), then what right have you to determine what choice someone makes? If I am left-handed, will you force me to become right-handed? After all, right-handed is “normal” and left-handed is “aberrant”. Although I would just prefer to refer to left-handed as “natural”, but not “normal”.

    I am now 48 years old and it took me along time to come to grips with who and what I am. Believe it or not, I pretty much accpet I was BORN this way. And I’ll be damned if I let someone like Pototo tell me whether I belong in a free Cuba or not. Sorry for this Val and George and all the decent people of Babalu, but FUCK YOU POTOTO!

  8. Pototo,

    This is not to say that Val/Pong were or weren’t making any particular statement. But seriously, no matter how sinful you think homosexual activity is, you’re already sleeping with the devil if you have something against the protest of the abuse that homosexuals have been through in Cuba.

  9. Cangrejero de Caibarien
    ALL you do is promote gay causes and stories on this blog. You may fool some people but I got you pegged (pardon the pun).

    La politca de los Gays is just like Fidel….if you dont agree you people bash and trash. You all cant take critizism and your comments show that. Are some LIB plant?

    POTOTO has a right to speak his mind so shush your cake hole!

  10. Cangrejero de Caibarien
    ALL you do is promote gay causes and stories on this blog. You may fool some people but I got you pegged (pardon the pun).

    La politca de los Gays is just like Fidel….if you dont agree you people bash and trash. You all cant take critizism and your comments show that. Are some LIB plant? Everyone knows that Raul is un maricon en el closet!

    POTOTO has a right to speak his mind so shush! This guy gives me a headache…I’m going to sleep.

  11. https://www.babalublog.com/cgi-bin/mt/pizza.cgi?entry_id=8696

    Just in case you wonder what political color Cangrejo is just go back to his postings a few days ago

    You cant bash Christians and send them to hell cuando toda via hay mucho suffering for their faith and then cry victim when you, the gay lobby and the Castor brothers all persecute those of faith.

    What bothers me most is how you declare yourself Roman Catholic. hypocritical if you ask me….I still think your a liberal plant.

  12. This blog’s homophobia gives the creeps. ¡Qué asco! I’ll never come back here. Comparing the gays to Stalin!!! Incredible! Babalú’s readers, in general, are just a bunch of intransigent troglodytes. If this is the kind of people we’ll have to deal in a free Cuba, then why take the trouble to change anything?

  13. So again, let me ask both pototo and guajiro from broward, what will you do with gay cubans in your version of a future “free” Cuba? What will you do with Jews? Atheists? Left-handed cubans? In short, what will you do with everyone that doesn’t conform to your fascist vision of this new Cuba? The days of a Franco enforced Roman Catholic vision of Spain died in the 70s. Because of that fascism Catholicism is almost dead in Spain today.

    And in spite of your protestations, I am a Catholic who attends Mass EVERY Sunday. Then again,you are probably one of those christians that believes you are sinless and believes taht only those that are “sinless” like you should be embraced by the Church. Well guess what, reread your Bible mister. Besides, you must not be Catholic. If you are so anti-gay, why belong to a Church wher half the priests are gay?

  14. You know what they will probably want to do? What they used to do in Santa Clara (and as far as I know in many other cities in Cuba): the police itself or groups of “straight” young men used to round up individual homosexuals who were very open (very few at that time), take them to the police station and once there those poor men were strip naked, showered with water hoses and their heads were shaved to zero. My abuelito was a policeman and my mother told me once that he always had opposed that, but the only thing he could do was to leave the station when that happened. Still a child, I remember —after seeing on the street one young guy w. his head completely shaved (a very strange sight in the fifties Cuba)— asking my mother about him and she giving me a very discreet and mild explanation (“es un pajarito que le hacen eso para que no se porte mal”). Only years later she gave me the gruesome details and my abuelito attitude towards that. And then I found out that this was not a Santa Clara but a national custom.

  15. Let’s lay off the anti-gay rhetoric, especially the names. Besides the fact that it’s mean-spirited and a terrible way to debate, some of the gay commenters on this blog have repeatedly put money down to help us in our various campaigns against the castro tyranny. Actions speak louder than words.

  16. Folks,
    Henry is right. You may not agree with the lifestyle, but you need to look at the whole picture – and be tolerant of other human beings, so long as they do not infringe on your rights.

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