The Flip-Flop King

Read this piece in the New York Post. It details the “new” positions of The Messiah intended to make him a tough guy.

All-inclusive to the point of absurdity? Not anymore.

Obama operatives last week rooted out a couple of Muslim women and ordered them to keep away from the bleachers behind the candidate unless they removed their head scarves.

Coddler of criminals? Not anymore.

Obama – rated the most liberal member of the US Senate- now sides with the most conservative members of the Supreme Court in supporting a state’s right to execute someone who rapes a child.

The candidate of anti-gun sissies? Nope.

Obama may as well have strapped on his John Wayne chaps and holster yesterday to announce his support of the Supreme Court’s decision that the Second Amendment guaranteeing gun rights actually means what it says.

Are the Democrats now the party of states’ rights, gun rights and the death penalty?

This wild election just keeps getting wilder.

As Obama moves rightward and gets tougher, Republicans are desperately trying to portray him as some sort of arrogant flip-flopper.

But these audacious moves by him are not signs of weakness; they’re signs of a man who will win at any cost.

The great Jackie Mason says that Obama makes Bill Clinton look like an honest guy. I’d have to agree.

3 thoughts on “The Flip-Flop King”

  1. “Are the Democrats now the party of states’ rights, gun rights and the death penalty?”

    Yes, until November.

  2. George,

    I always thought that William Jefferson Clinton was the most bullshit artist President of the United States of America in my lifetime until this Barack Hussein Obama character appeared in the political area.

    What bewilders me the most is how blind, dumb and stupid the American people have become to the point that they are totally unable to see through the clouds of bullshit and hypocrisy that emanates from Obama’s mouth.

    Plus I never seem a politician in America in my lifetime get away with so much flip-flopping in his views during his political campaign over a such a short period of time and yet the American people don’t call him to task for it.

    Instead his approval rating keeps growing.

    This is unbelievable, totally fucking unbelievable!

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