17 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. No American flag in his lapel.
    No flag in background.
    No wife or children.
    No African-Americans.

  2. Grammy got it! True, Michelle and kids and flags are missing when I saw it on tv the first thing I said was: “Where are all the black people?” (And Michelle and kids are black.) Don’t they want the black vote? Or is he assured of his ability to take the entire black vote? The only blacks in the commercial are in a flashback black and white piece. The campaign trail shows only white people. Hmmmmmm.

  3. I can think of one at least one other thing missing from this video: Sincerity.

  4. Folks, just wait for the Democratic Convention upcoming. The American people will get a true “taste” of Democratic politics when they see every special interest allocated according to their “supposed” representation in the general population. The Convention is usually controlled by the true Democrats, and by that I mean the total left-wing freaks that have taken over that party in the last 25 to 30 years. Unless the Obama folks have decided to really clamp down on the convention, be prepared for a McCain surge in the polls.

    Of course, the Republicans can flush all of it down the toilet if they put on an equaly offensive Convention featuring every non-evolution believing redneck preacher spouting off on all the groups they hate. We shall see, but Obama just gives me the creeps!

  5. He didn’t mention his father or step-dad because they are not of the caucasoid persuasion and that would have messed up the whole video.

  6. In all fairness Eloy, he went to those schools on scholarship, not via his family’s checkbook. I don’t think he was dirt poor, but he wasn’t elite status either. He still sucks, but let him suck as he is truly is.

  7. I didn’t hear the word freedom – he did talk about extended healthcare for the military – I guess that’s the plan to start socializing medicine – nobody will risk to seem unpatriotic by not supporting this … smart… watch out!

  8. Cangejo,

    He was educationally privileged (nothing wrong with that) regardless of how he received his education but to portray otherwise is not truthful.

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