The World’s dumbest liberal?

When Ziva posted the link to “Who’s the Worst Dictator?” by Nicholas D. Kristof in The New York TImes, it was an exercise to intended to correct the omission of the castro brothers on that list. Some of the moonbattery in the comments was expected: some commenters said Bush was the worst — ignoring the fact that they were able to say it without being arrested. (Liberals are fun!) The comment below, however, is a classic. It reads so over the top that it almost sounds like parody. I fear it’s not. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you utter stupidity and complicity with crimes against humanity, right here on our shores:

Don’t talk about Cuba in such negative terms. Before the Cuban people rose up and help Comandante Castro to power Cuba was a colony of the United States that was run by the mafia and a small number of white racists Cuban families who kept Cuba’s non white population in a state of quasi slavery. You thought South Africa was bad!? Who do you think taught the South Afrikaners about apartheid? It was the Batiatiano [sic] Cuban expats who now control the city (or should I say, Banana Republic) of Miami!

I think the United States under the Bush admin has been the worst dictatorship in recent years – it’s virtually eliminated a woman’s natural right to abortion on demand, it has demonized gays, lesbians, and transgenders into criminals by not offering them legal marriage, tortured men whose only crime was a Middle Eastern accent and the unfortune [sic] they weren’t born white and Christian. To say that Cuba and Fidel Castro is a dictatorship is a crime and a gross act of ignorance. For your information, if you don’t know it already, Cuba under Fidel is one of the most progress [sic], egalitarian, nations around. It’s a model of social justice, equality, racial justice. It’s citizens are amongst the most educated and they have the preveledge [sic] to receive free education and health care – something the Bush administration doesn’t want because it wants the poor to die and the non white to be uneducated! Furthermore in the fascist dictatorship that is the Bush administration dictatorship – Cuban Americans play a very important part in the Bush Administration. Think of hard line anti Castro Miami Cubans as Bush’s Praetorian Guard who where responsible with everything from stealing 2 elections, to destroying the levies in New Orleans during the man made Katrina disaster!

— Posted by Dr. Melinda Goldberg Martinez (Posted July 5th, 2008 at 7:00 pm)

She better ask for a refund to whatever University she attended.

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  1. I think back to the darkest days of the Clinton admin, where the President actually did engage in criminal acts (and got off), and even crazed conservatives weren’t half as bad as people like this.

  2. Madame Ph.D. may also want to go beat up her elementary school teachers for failing to teach her proper grammar and spelling.

  3. Frankly, I hope she is not in a position of too much responsibility, because that last line is scary. Now Cuban Americans destroyed the levees? I’m no shrink, but that smacks of paranoia of the abbynormal type.

    Heck, we ought to come up with a Halloween costume, the Mad, Intransigent Cuban American. Now what would that look like?

  4. This one is definately a certified moron. This is further proof that some PH.D’s nowadays is worth the equivalent of toilet paper. The sad thing is that if you visit the herald comment pages you routinely see bullcrap like this.

  5. For a doctor (MD, Ph.D. ED, DMD, DC, CMD- that’s doctor of comemierda) she is oddly ungoogleable. You would think that her authentic title and name would pop up in a university site or hospital. I guess anyone can call themselves doctor to make people think their opinion is more valuable.

    Dr. Claudia Fanelli

  6. George,

    It’s almost as if she had a checklist of things to include in her comments … of course … she forgot to blame global warming on Bush, aka, the dictator … LOL!!

    I have a feeling that she may have written this comment directly from Cuba … everything she spews comes directly from the little book of “his story” written by the castro. Then, she may “owe” her title of “Doctor” to castro … just a blatant example of ignorance in spite of “education”. What’s sad is there are some out there who share her distorted reality.

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are.”~ Zen proverb

  7. Well George, good to go back to the article and see that I was published. Not so good to see Melinda.
    Perhaps she should read Mr. English’s book, Havana Nocturne, as I have. She just might pick up the fact that Fulgencio Batista’s nickname was “mulato lindo.” And for whatever his faults, Batista WAS Presidente de Cuba prior to his overthrow, unless history has changed. Perhaps for Melinda, it has, even if she has to write it herself. -S-

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