So you wanna vote for Joe or Raul, eh?

Hey, that’s your prerogative. But keep in mind their party is rife with mindless, Marxist fucks like Kos, et al., who have absolutely no problem whatsoever with denigrating and debasing the Cuban-American community with statements like those right out of the mouth of fidel castro:

The Florida Republican Party (and some Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz) are kept afloat by the corrupt south-Florida Cuban-American mafia. Now, their three south-Florida reps are facing the challenges of their lives, and at least two are already in serious trouble.

Those are the people – DEMOCRATS, the supposed party of ALL peoples – that support, back and promote candidates like Joe “Hubris Locks” Garcia, and Raul “Criminal Record” Martinez.

And Kos, if you read this: Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Oh and, stop blogging on my taxpayer dime and fuck you, too, Rick. You petty little fuck.

3 thoughts on “So you wanna vote for Joe or Raul, eh?”

  1. Relax Val,

    That’s just part of their outreach to the new generation of open-minded, moderate and reasonable Cuban-American voters.

    That’s just how they like to court votes.

  2. Val,

    I went to this Kos character site and almost puked as I read that he considers Jimmy Carter as one of the “Luminares” that have contributed to his site.

    Que quiere que te diga…la mierda andan juntas.

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