District 21 Race, by the numbers

According to the Hill Research poll, the results of which have been furnished to me, in terms of name recognition Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Raul Martinez are virtually tied:

Know Diaz-Balart: 86%

Know Raul Martinez: 85%

But in terms of favorability Diaz-Balart has a substantial edge:

Favorable opinion of Diaz-Balart: 50%

Favorable opinion of Raul Martinez: 37%

As for unfavorables that’s an area that Martinez leads:

Unfavorable opinion of Diaz-Balart: 26%

Unfavorable opinion of Raul Martinez: 33%

Ana Carbonell pointed out that Raul Martinez has almost as many unfavorable as favorables while Diaz-Balart’s favorables outnumber unfavorables by a ratio of 2-1.

The most important trait the respondents are looking for in a candidate for congress is honesty and ethics with 50% saying that it’s extremely important and 46% saying it was very important. That doesn’t bode well for Raulus Corruptus.

In terms of a ballot test, as I mentioned in another post Diaz-Balart leads by 12 points:

Lincoln Diaz-Balart: 48%

Raul Martinez: 36%

Also consider the intensity with which Diaz-Balart’s supporters back him. 69% of those that went for him in the ballot test say they support him strongly while only 50% of those who went for Martinez say they support him strongly.

According to this poll, Cuban-Americans are going for Diaz-Balart by a ratio of more than 2-1.

Cubans for Diaz-Balart: 63%

Cubans for Martinez: 27%

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