The new Cuban flag


(H/T Gabriel D.)

Update (Val): I have unpublished the comments related to this post. I simply will not allow such shallow, petty and disingenuously feigned insult bs commentary to go on here unchecked. The image above is an artist’s statement on what he or she perceives to be the reality of today’s Cuba and that’s that. There is no desecration going on, no calls for a new Cuban flag, no intended or implied insult to the national symbol.

If you feel insulted by the image above, then you should, as it speaks volumes as to the truth about Cuba. Moreover, what should truly insult those of us that love Cuba and her symbolic flag is to see the likes of communists, socialists and fidelistas like the castros and their supporters waving her around for almost fifty years, shielding their idealistic ugliness behind her beauty.