The Democrats vs. Colombia

From FrontPage Magazine today, a great piece by Jacob Laskin titled, “An Ally Betrayed,” about the shameful behavior of the tolerant Dems towards our staunchest ally in South America, Colombia:

Nancy Pelosi, fresh from an April 2007 sit-down with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, threatened to withhold an audience with the democratically elected and widely popular Uribe during his May visit. Eventually agreeing to a talk with Uribe, Pelosi didn’t conceal her contempt. In stark contrast to her visit to the Hezbollah-sponsor Syria, where Pelosi gushed that the “the road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Pelosi berated Uribe, accusing his government of aiding “illegal paramilitary forces” and implicitly decrying him as the enemy of Colombians who want “to build a stronger democracy.” So much for Democrats’ vaunted diplomatic tact.

Colombia’s delegation was so jarred by Democrats’ hostility that, according to journalist Robert Novak, Vice President Francisco Santos publically contemplated severing U.S.-Columbian ties.

And here’s more:

Human-rights concerns cannot explain the Democrats’ aversion to Uribe. Were that the sole issue, Democrats would have adopted a more severe line toward neighboring states like Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Where Uribe has twice triumphed in free and fair elections, including a landslide reelection victory in 2006, Chavez has crushed what remained of Venezuela’s opposition, most recently moving to end presidential term limits and crown himself president for life. Tellingly, Chavez has dodged the Democrats’ wrath.

Indeed, as the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Anastasia O’Grady writes, FARC leaders fully believed that Nancy Pelosi would work with Chavez to free the hostages that the guerillas had no intention of releasing. Observing Democrats’ undisguised loathing of Uribe, one can easily see the source of the FARC’s confidence. At times, Uribe’s chief flaw, at least for Democrats, seems to be that he is not a man of the Left.

Read the whole thing.