Tony Snow Loses His Battle


Tony Snow, President Bush’s third Press Secretary, succumbed to cancer today. This saddens me not just because Tony was young and has a family or because dying from cancer is a terrible way to die, but also because I always enjoyed watching him at the podium. He wasn’t stuffy and stiff; considering his position, he was pretty personable and at times had a little bit of smart-alec in him. He only served as Press Secretary for just under a year and a half and although he had been treated for colon cancer three years ago, it came back last year. His last job was as a commentator for CNN after he resigned from the Press Secretary position last September.

The video is HERE.

4 thoughts on “Tony Snow Loses His Battle”

  1. I loved Tony! I was falling asleep driving to Augusta GA, when I heard the news – I could not believe it – 🙁

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