The Dems Dumb & Dumber on Energy & the Economy


Some good reading in the WSJ Editorial Section on what we can expect from a Obama presidency with a Democratic Congress:

1) better get out of the market before Obama taxes the crap out of cap gains; In fact, the downturn in the market is due in part to fear of an Obama presidency who wants to tax everybody who owns stocks whether in mutual funds or individual shares. Taxman Obama…..

The article notes in part “The lesson here for investors is to keep an eye on the betting markets as a leading indicator as to the direction of stocks. “If the political winds keep blowing left,” says Dan Clifton of Strategas, an investment advisory firm, “the market is going to tank. In that case, I advise, get out of the market while you still can.”

You can read Obama and the Bear Market article here.

2) Harry Reid’s & The Dems Sgt. Shultz position paper on Energy – which amounts to “nothing!”

It reads:

Congressional Democrats are eager to turn the gas-price debate away from calls for more oil drilling, since the very idea sends its environmental lobby around the bend. Senate Democrats have tried everything from excoriating oil companies for allegedly sitting on federal leases to attacking “speculators” as the real reason for high gas prices. But none of these imaginative decoys has ranked anywhere near Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s convincing explanation for Democratic inaction on the energy crisis, now playing on endless loop on YouTube.

In a recent interview with Fox News Business Channel, Mr. Reid, who was evidently fed up with questions about drilling, suddenly exclaimed: “Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick; it’s global warming. It’s ruining our country, it’s ruining the world. We’ve got to stop using fossil fuel.”

Mr. Reid’s rant quickly became the No. 1 video on the Internet, approaching a half-million views. The pollster Rasmussen even took the unusual step of conducting a survey to see how many Americans agreed with the Nevadan’s view. Let’s just say he didn’t win a majority.

But give Mr. Reid marks for honesty. To many liberal Democrats, cheap fossil fuels are the root cause of excessive materialism, suburban sprawl, a despoiled environment – and they’ve been demanding for decades that government raise the price of energy to discourage Americans from driving big cars and living in large, well-heated homes. Democrats may never have had the political courage to impose such towering European-style gasoline taxes directly, but Mr. Reid’s policy diatribe at least explains why Democrats have found it so easy to sit on their hands rather than take steps to increase domestic supply and bring down $4 gasoline.

Of course then to my chagrin I find an article about environmentalists in California that actually favor drilling off the coast … well I’ll be damned. Read that one here.

Enjoy your Sunday Infidels, while we can until the Dems take Sundays away from us.

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  1. Mike

    most interesting see latest polls which show Obama anhd McCain tied.

    Still the Democrats want to win “by hook or by crook” and disqualify a Republican candidate by finessing a residence requirement (it seems that his house was on the wrong part of his land)

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